Artisan revival in Siem Reap, Cambodia

AMMO: Contemporary jewellery

Managed by British-born jeweller Madeline Green, Ammo sells fine pieces made from recycled brass ammunition. The symbolism of making beautiful trinkets from neutralised bullets resonates with anyone familiar with Cambodia’s trouble past. The stunt crew from Angelina Jolie’s new film on the Cambodian conflict, First They Shot my Father, commissioned 10 pendants from Green. And to thank the Hollywood star for her work, Ammo made Jolie an intricate brass hair pin from bullets. Ammo is also keen to look to the future and has recently launched a Temple range of jewellery, drawing inspiration from Angkor Wat. It provides apprenticeships to young Cambodians who train at the Ammo workshop in central Siem Reap. Clients are encouraged to visit the studio to see the jewellers in action, buy from the collections and even have a lesson in making bullet jewellery.

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